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The GreensGroomer 926, also known as The Integrated Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer, represents the third generation of product development and promises increased efficiency and ease of operation. With a heavy-duty steel construction, the GreensGroomer 926 has 16 super-duty blue brushes set at various angles to the direction the unit is being towed. The Integrated Spring Tine Rake has 3 rows of 14 tines that are fully adjustable and allow for surface decompaction without damage to the turf. Once raked, the Groomer brushes stand the turf surface up, move the infill, and level low spots/depressions left after play.

The GreensGroomer 926 was redesigned in 2014, resulting in an improved brush design and increased grooming performance. In 2015, we’ve taken the design a step further by incorporating an integrated spring tine rake. This unit conditions synthetic turf surfaces and relieves compaction while delivering greater labor efficiencies, ease of operation, and a lower total cost of ownership. Simple in design with a heavy-duty construction, the focal point of this patent-pending design is the precise brush dimensions and angles. This allows grooming in four directions, standing up turf fibers, and leveling infill material. The integrated rake simplifies equipment requirements and gives the facility flexibility for on-demand raking without equipment change-over.

The brush design from the second generation unit is maintained on this unit. The patent-pending design increases brush area, improves directional movement, and distributes weight more efficiently. Since there is greater brush surface area, the weight per square inch is reduced, keeping the brushes in a straight, upright position. The result is improved infill redistribution, better realignment of turf fibers, and a reduction of infill compaction. The hallmark of this patent-pending design is the precise brush dimensions and angles, which move infill in four directions for every four feet of forward movement. This allows for true one-pass performance.

The GreensGroomer 926 puts convenience in the hands of the operator. By incorporating the Spring Tine Rake, the Sports Turf Groomer saves time by eliminating the need for attachment/removal of the rake when not in use.

Even the often overlooked design considerations are resident on the GreensGroomer 926 — like perfect balance side-to-side and front-to-back. This balance allows for smooth brushing and raking with no hopping. It won’t cut or damage turf. The electric actuator provides almost infinite adjustment control, from wheels down transport to wheels up brushing.

While other turf conditioning systems may offer promises of performance through mechanization, the fact remains that simplicity most often produces the best results. Zero down time means that your unit continues to perform, day in and day out, without the need of mechanical repairs.

Simple in design and rugged in its construction, the GreensGroomer 926 affords you easy operation while delivering results. The low mechanical complexity requires a virtual zero investment to keep it in top operational condition. Occasional replacement of the synthetic brushes is all that is needed to get the most from your equipment investment.

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