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The GreensGroomer 944 Series FairwayGroomer is the combination of the venerable GreensGroomer (920HDE) with our Extension Wings (924HDE) attachment. This combination produces a total operating width of 12-feet, effectively doubling the width of the Groomer. Both the brush layout and weight of the Extension Wings mirror that of the GreensGroomer, assuring accurate, consistent brushing the entire width of the unit. The Extension Wings also float up and down, following undulations on fairways. The specialized white, heavy duty brushes are stiffer and break down larger aeration cores more efficiently.

By adding our Extension Wings to the second generation GreensGroomer, operators can now benefit from 12-feet of core busting ability. The FairwayGroomer 944HDE is a little different than the standard GreensGroomer. Equipped with Heavy Duty White Brushes, the FairwayGroomer 944HDE can easily break down large fairway aeration cores and move topdressing with ease. We’ve made improvements to the Original GreensGroomer and our second generation unit delivers on all counts. The patent-pending design increases brush area, improves directional movement, and distributes weight more efficiently. The hallmark of this patent-pending design are the precise brush dimensions and angles, which move sand in four directions for every four feet of forward movement This allows for true one-pass performance, reducing turf stress while breaking down aeration cores, filling holes, and controlling the grain.

Even the often overlooked design considerations are resident on the GreensGroomer — like perfect balance side-to-side and front-to-back. This balance allows for smooth brushing with no hopping. It won’t scuff, bruise, or daage turf. The electric actuator provides almost infinite adjustment control, from wheels down transport to wheels up brushing.

Simple in design and rugged in its construction, the FairwayGroomer 944HDE affords you easy operation while delivering results. The low mechanical complexity requires a virtual zero investment to keep in top operational condition. Occasional replacement of the synthetic brushes is all that is needed to get the most from your equipment investment.

We’ve found that many facilities use our FairwayGroomer 944HDE as a part of their pre-mow routine on greens. By grooming a green prior to mowing, you’re able to raise the grain prior to cutting, resulting in a tighter, healthier mow. Adding a brushing routine prior to fairway mowing also adds significant benefits. Adding an occasional pre-mow brushing on fairways will also improve plant health. Older leaves are raised up by brushing and are cut off. This opens up room for newer, more disease tolerant, younger plants to emerge.

The FairwayGroomer 944HDE is designed to float over undulations on the fairway through the connection hinges on the “wings”. These are the same connection points for transport mode, which are raised through a pulley system attached to the main lift actuator. Once raised, the wings can be manually tilted into final transport mode and locked into place.

The entire design objective of the FairwayGroomer 944HDE has been to provide performance with efficiency. Time is money, so if it takes longer to perform the task, the equipment has no value. When using the FairwayGroomer for topdressing, the patent-pending brush design improves on the original, first-generation unit while increasing efficiency. The brush design quickly and easily moves topdressing evenly, with no wind-rowing. The effectiveness of the design allows facilities to schedule topdressing with confidence, knowing that the brushing can be performed in a true, one-pass effort.

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