Green Shade Optimizer

Chattahoochee Turf Products - Green Shade Optimizer

Green Pigment Spray Additive

Optimizer™ Green Shade is a green pigment spray additive that improves turf appearance while serving as a spray pattern indicator.
Optimizer™ Green Shade may be tank mixed with fungicides, herbicides, other managed turf areas.


  • Improves turf appearance and quality
  • Blends uneven coloration due to stress, cultivar variance and phytoxicity
  • Visual aid for improved spray application
  • Achieve uniform application of plant protection products
  • Resists the fading effects of UV sunlight
  • Tank mix with many fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and wetting agents
  • Do not spray or over-spray on cart paths, driveways, ornamental plantings or other surfaces where long term green color is not desired


  • Golf Course Turfgrass
  • Athletic Turfgrass
  • Commercial Turfgrass
  • Landscapes


15-20 fluid ounces per acre of turfgrass
Minimum of 50 GPA

Sweet Iron® Optimizer

Chattahoochee Turf Products - Sweet Iron Optimizer

Optimizer Sweet Iron yields outstanding residual color, increased nutrient uptake, and improved overall plant health.


  • Optimizer Sweet Iron provides timely delivery of Iron to turfgrass through a novel delivery method. By formulating a water soluble form of Iron with a Complex Natural Polysaccharide (Sugar), turfgrass plants are able to acquire Iron through both foliar and root absorption.
  • Optimizer Sweet Iron provides outstanding residual color without the use of Urea.
  • Optimizer Sweet Iron contains plant available amino acids that also increase nutrient uptake and utilization. Amino acids help the plant maintain proper metabolic functions, giving it a unique health advantage.
  • Optimizer Sweet Iron feeds and stimulates soil microbial populations.
  • Application rates for Optimizer Sweet Iron are much lower compared to traditional iron micronutrient products. At 12-16 uid ounces per acre, a 1 gallon jug treats the same area as 10 gallons of traditional iron products.


  • Golf Course Turfgrass
  • Athletic Turfgrass
  • Fairways and Tees
  • Lawns


5.0% Water Soluble Iron (Fe) 2.5 % L-Amino Acids
12-16 uid ounces per acre in 30-90 gallons of water


4 x 1 Gallon Case

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